Gap Succeeds, Even With Its Old Logo

With all the hoopla (always fun to use that word) surrounding Gap’s new/now old logo a few weeks ago – which we wrote about on RetailWire – here’s something that Gap did which shouldn’t hurt them at all: Gap Give and Get.

Give and Get is a three-year old program whereby Gap provides a discount to customers and at the same time donates a portion of such sales to non-profits. The first two years has yielded over $9 million in giving.

What makes this program really excellent from our perspective is how well they use data and social, including the old fashioned “viral” strategy of referrals, to drive sales and build their database. The customer making the referral chooses the non-profit, which is then shown to the friend that’s referred.

Unlike so many brands, who shall for now go nameless as they don’t deserve the publicity, Gap uses the data that customers provide right back in its email. Yes this is basic but it is highly effective and as mentioned above, most companies still fail to execute this simple strategy.